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Monday, June 20, 2016


Still having fun ?

Good, because this site will close and move to:


Reason ?

Sure! If you have the patience to read a couple of lines of text (rare these days) I'll tell you the reasons.

I'm so sick and tired of these Online solutions. Sites that comes and goes, TOS's that change all the time, Wordpress themes that suddenly stops working and on and on and on in all infinity.

Sites like Blogger and Tumblr welcomes you with a big embrace, saying. ”If you only do this-and-that, it will be just fine”.

But guess what? 
All of a sudden they make a full 180 and threatens to pull the plug on you if you don't ”behave”. What ”behave” actually means in practice turns out impossible for them to express in a clear and understandable fashion. So it all becomes a matter of interpretation.
And unclear who will do the interpretation and based on what criterias..?

Admittedly, most of the times it's just scare tactics. You know, to keep you on your toes, but I've had enough of being the target for this shit now. You never know if you can really trust them or if they will chicken out when ”opinions of interest” conflicts with their policies. It's all too haphazardous in my opinion and I won't abide.

The key question here is: Can you trust them? Really ..?

So I say again: I've had enough of this bullshit!

What it comes down to - the bottom line – is I am not a web administrator waiting to learn about the latest changes of guidlines or moodswings of providers and adapt accordingly. I'm a 3DX and Photoshop artist, producing images with a fantasy sexually oriented content for mature adults. 

This means I'm working a lot with my images – most all the time – and then I work some more. I don't have anyone employed to do and watch over the websites and I can not possible afford it.

However, the site I'm now pointing you to is a dedicated adult site provider who for certain will allow the kind of content I'm producing. I also have full control over my own domain and there is noone there to decide what I can or can not do. I've been with them for a number of years and they have never failed me. 

I've also tried a number of Online Shop solutions over the years but none of them have proven to be any better at any point than the one of my own choise. All set up by myself and without any greedy middle hand craving a cut of the revenues. I've only been given one (1) guidline (causion) from them, and trust me – in my case it's not even an issue.

Well, there you have the reasons, as plain and simple as I can explain them.

So what was the adress again .. ?


Now please bear with me. I'm not a web designer by any fashion, so I have to keep it as simple as possible and it will probably take some time to have it all in full working order.

I also have a presence at Visions of Darkness if you care for community forums.

Thank you for your attention and I'll see you on my own site!

--- John ---